Amy Philpott

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Amy Philpott, a senior director at Watson Green LLC, specializes in crisis communication and reputation management for food and agriculture companies. She works with companies to prepare for product recalls, and is a resource for companies during recalls and other crises. She has helped companies and associations in the fresh produce, nut, imported specialty foods and processed meat industries use strategic communications to protect their brands, reputations and business relationships during crises.

Before joining Watson Green she managed communications for the United Fresh Produce Association, handling the association’s communications during several high-profile, food borne illness outbreaks.

Previous assignments included four years as director of international marketing for an association management company in Vienna, Virginia, and four more as international marketing director for the California Table Grape Commission. She also served on the Agriculture Department’s Trade Advisory Committee.

Amy grew up in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where she helped cultivate and market grapes and oranges grown on her family’s farm. Amy holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from California State University, Fresno, and a Master of Arts in public communication from American University, where she guest lectures on crisis communications. She is also a member of a twelve-person joint Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization team tasked with developing a guide for food safety risk communication. Amy is fully accredited in public relations.