Ellen Haas

Ellen Haas, a senior adviser at Watson Green, is a nationally recognized expert on food and nutrition policy and a former undersecretary of agriculture for food, nutrition and consumer service in the Clinton Administration. At the Agriculture Department she oversaw the nation’s 15 food assistance programs and was widely recognized for improving the nutrition of the nation’s school lunches. She has extensive contacts throughout the food and nutrition policy community and especially at the USDA.

Ellen’s wealth of experience in public service and issue advocacy include founding the consumer organization Public Voice for Food and Health Policy and creating the website FoodFit.com. At Public Voice she was instrumental in improving food labeling, seafood safety and beef grading. Foodfit.com, now a division of the Health Central Network, Inc., provides consumer with information and tools to help them lead healthier lives.

A five-time president of the Consumer Federation of America, Ellen is a member of Harvard University’s Food Policy Group and serves on the board of the Springboard Trust. She is also vice-chair of the board of D.C. Central Kitchen.