Recall & Crisis Communication

crisisThe first few hours of a product recall are the most crucial. Once the unexpected happens there is no time to develop a communication strategy that will protect public health and your company’s reputation. It is critical that you execute all aspects of a recall quickly and accurately, including disseminating information to the public. You must be prepared.

We can develop a recall communication plan that matches your company needs. We’ll also draft, edit and review more than a dozen internal and external documents you’ll need in the heat of a recall. We work closely with you and your recall team to communicate with consumers, customers, employees, health officials and more.

We have years of experience on the front lines of any type of crisis preparedness and management. We can help you assemble a crisis team, assess the extent of the problem and, when you are ready, communicate accurate, positive messages to the public. We can help you minimize damage to the bottom line in any crisis.


Recall Planning & Training

Watson Green is a participating partner in the United Fresh Produce Association’s Recall Ready Program.

Through this program, fresh produce companies throughout the supply chain can choose from multiple options to meet their specific recall preparedness needs and budget. Leading professionals in food safety, legal and regulatory counsel, and crisis communication help companies learn how to execute a recall to protect public health, comply with government requirements and minimize the business impact.

To learn more, call Amy Philpott at Watson Green, 202-384-1840, or visit to download a detailed brochure.